Château de Servigny, on June 26, 1944, the Surrender of Cherbourg also known as the “treaty of Servigny” was signed here by General J.L Collins and General K.W von Schlieben.


Bérengère de PONTAC

Founder of the Servigny D-Day Fund

Designed the fund to foster peace among children. She aims to promote respect, tolerance, culture and the transmission of memory to build a better, freer and safer world for all.

Madame Pascale TRIMBACH

Deputy Director at the French Foreign Affairs and International Development Ministry.

She was Deputy Permanent Delegate of France to UNESCO until September 2014.

Amiral Edouard GUILLAUD


Who served as French Chief of Defense Staff from 2010 to February 2014.

The Team also includes high-profile individuals involved in national and international associa-tions, wishing to promote the SDDF to further enhance its legitimacy.